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I actually had the rest of the afternoon off, played golf and won a major competition. I’m convinced that the session helped.​

"​It was really worthwhile and some great tips. I actually had the rest of the afternoon off, played golf and won a major competition. I’m convinced that the session helped. Woke up in the night and tried the breathing techniques – need a lot more practice!. Well worthwhile"

"Really enjoyed the session and it was good to see so many people there – understand it is a balance of tailoring the session to people who are attending for the first time and those who have been before, but it basically repeated what had been presented at the previous two sessions I attended.  Hopefully this will move on as a regular group forms.  Many thanks for arranging."

"I really liked the session, and although I had been a bit sceptical before I went to any of the taster sessions I find it really good. At the end of the session I did feel more relaxed (could have done with a 20 minute sleep).  It’s a shame I’m going to miss a couple of the sessions due to annual leave/meetings and hope these sessions continue a bit longer than the four that are planned.   It made a difference being held in the conference room as it is a little bit out of the way and nice and quiet."

"Have to say I was apprehensive as I’ve never done any meditation.  Russell has a very calm and open nature which made me feel more comfortable. I did struggle a bit, but as Russell said ‘it takes practice’ and hopefully I’ll improve over time.  Looking forward to going to the next and last sessions as booked."

"I found it helpful. I thought the session was long enough and I think it helps with there being 4 weekly sessions as able to build on and practice the mindfulness.  And because I hadn’t done any between the taster session and yesterday’s session, the weekly sessions will hopefully serve as a reminder to start to introduce little sessions into my days."

"It was excellent. Very effective. Russell is a great tutor and is also really helpful. I’m looking forward to the next session!"

"Found the session enjoyable. Felt serene at the end of the meditation. I feel it helped me to cope with the traffic disruption on the journey home last night."

"Really enjoyed the session and having the chance to meditate. I even used it last night to get me off to sleep! Thanks Russell, look forward to next week."

"I really enjoyed it and felt the benefit."

"Heard so much about mindfulness and good to have to opportunity to try  it out.  Even better than I thought it would be, interesting, beneficial and im looking forward to the next session."

"Thanks for arranging the sessions. I was glad to have a refresh on the meditation session.  I would be interested to learn any other techniques which I can then practice myself after being shown."

"In one word it was brilliant, as soon as you walked into the room you felt calm despite been in NTH. I felt so chilled out all afternoon despite been in meetings (maybe too chilled out). Had the best night’s sleep last night in months. Also practiced meditation this morning for 5 mins before going to the hospital to have some staples removed from my back, so chilled out didn’t feel nervous at all. Looking forward to next week’s session already. A little bit of sanctuary brilliant idea, many thanks for organising this."

I’m lucky as I’ve been told that I naturally can do mindfulness, but I found the session very helpful and I find these types of therapy help me (more pieces in a jigsaw).  I welcome anything that will help me deal with life and I’m really thankful that WBC are doing this. It worked for me as I fell asleep!!"

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