Cheryl Carey

i felt like I had gone into a meditative state, which was lovely within its self, it’s so quiet and peaceful.​

'​I would seriously like to recommend Russell Treasure for his Energy Healing. Although he went away for training in Paris, this Man already had a Natural, Wonderful Gift. My 1st visit - I felt almost nothing, other than a warm feeling and a little tingling feeling in parts of my body. I fell asleep it was so relaxing, as I felt so comfortable and safe. On another occasion felt like I had gone into a meditative state, which was lovely within its self, it’s so quiet and peaceful. Russell is so calming and gentle with his hands, he healed my thumb of arthritis – I’d would have to have had Cortisone injections right into my bone by my GP, but after one visit by Russell, I was cured!

On another occasion his healing hands were placed over my left hip as I’d been told I’d carried an inherited problem from my Mum and now it’s better. Once I had a really bad headache, more like a migraine due to a lot of stress I was going through at that time, and within minutes of him placing his hands near to my head I felt like a beam of light energy going on around and though me and my head felt like a clearing.

It’s hard to describe, but whatever it was, worked, and certainly beats taking headaches tablets which only masks it for a while until you need a top up. I’d rather go to Russell’s’ amazing Therapy Rooms any day. Apart from the amazing skill he has, his other asset is that he cares for People, being authentic, and takes great pleasure just from helping and healing them. I’m happy for anyone to contact me should they like any other information on my great experiences, or just a confidential informal conversation.' - Cheryl Carey

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