Fixing Vocal Chords

Fixing Vocal Chords

Fixing Vocal Chords
  Published to Connective Healing on Mar 30, 2016

Being a fan of early 90's music I was thrilled to be asked by Melaine Williams of Sub Sub to help her out with her vocal chords. As every singer will know, constant strain on your voice can ​lead to big problems especially if your voice is your main tool. 

I've since worked with Melanie on a number of occasions and after a recent 20 minute session we managed to initiate healing on her and friend Yvonne Shelton's vocal chords.

Do you want to know one of the best parts of my work? It's meeting inspiring people like Melanie and Yvonne and being able to help them. Russell will fix it!

Tags: Body, Mind and Spirit, Holistic Health

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